Bio-cremation for Pets

Bio-cremation or Aquamation is a safe and eco friendly way to say goodbye to your pets.

What is Aquamation?

It is a gentle and a more responsible alternative in pet cremation. Compared with other cremation methods, our method only uses gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity which then triggers the  natural decomposition process.

20% more

Bone Fragments

75% less

Carbon Footprint

95% water

Aquamation Process


Pet to Nature Aquamation Process

How does Aquamation or Bio-cremation work?

The process of Aquamation uses water flow, low temperature, and alkali that mimics the natural decomposition that happens when a body is buried to the ground.

After your pets undergo Aquamation they leave their bones and healthy minerals through the water used during the process .

Both the bones converted to ash and the water may be returned to nature to nurture new life.


Our Commitment

To give the best and most memorable way of saying good bye by honoring your family and pet with dignity.

Respect Life

We are here to give you the most natural, environmental friendly and gentlest way to say goodbye to your beloved pet.

We promise to treat your pet as one of our own because we care about how you feel and we'd like the same thing done to ours as well.

Our Services

Pet to Nature Philippines is the pioneer of pet aquamation in the Philippines. We provide a more caring and respectful way to say goodbye to your pets, as well as a way to continue remembering them through our memorabilia.

24-hour Pickup

No extra charge for late night pick ups. (24-hour pick up is applicable within Metro Manila only)

Pet Aquamation

Gentle and eco friendly process that mimics the natural decomposition of the body using bio-cremation process